Reasons Why You Should Hire A Real Estate Agent with Kerri Anne Nettles

Kerri Anne Nettles stresses hiring a specialist in their field goes a long way. Especially in real estate, an agent with experience should be more preferable rather going it alone and relying on your own eyes to spot flags.

kerri nettles and familyAre real estate agents necessary? With access to the internet and almost limitless information about every aspect – including prior ownership, house listings, and rental advice. Does it really make sense to conduct a housing transaction through an estate agent? It’s a worthwhile and relevant question to ask. However, according to estate agent Kerri Anne Nettles, the answer is a resounding yes! Below we’ll look at some of the reasons why.


Education, Experience, and Expertise

While the internet does have a lot of information relating to real estate, Kerri Anne Nettles says, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to be able to process and understand it the same way that a qualified real estate agent will. Agents will be qualified, educated and have been in the game for years. That means that their intimate knowledge of the industry will ensure they’re always one step ahead of the blogs and wikis available online.


Price Knowledge

As well as general knowledge about the housing market, estate agents will also have accurate information about just exactly how much an estate should cost. While websites can list the asking price, these are hardly ever true reflections of the actual worth of flats. That includes plots of land or houses. Estate agents such as Kerri Anne Nettles, can tell if a price is under- or overvalued with a single glance, and can also guide buyers when it comes to settling on an affordable price and devising a negotiation strategy.


Market Conditions

Markets are constantly fluctuating.  Unless you have your finger on the pulse of Wall Street and every single other stock market, it’s unlikely you’ll be in the know. Estate agents can guide you in regards to market conditions. They help you decide whether now is the right time to be buying or renting. They have access to data which includes the square-meter pricing of similar homes. This also includes the average sales prices and the average time that a listing spends on the market.


Handling Paperwork

This is one thing that no amount of websites can prepare you for: navigating the intricate corridors of house buying bureaucracy. Kerri Anne Nettles says, “Purchase agreements can run ten pages or more, and that’s not including forms such as the state or federal disclosures, not to mention the local customs disclosures.” Agents will help you with the three-inch thick file of paperwork that comes with buying a house. And you’ll need it – one tiny mistake or omission and the whole deal could be thrown into disarray!


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