What Is The Tiny House Movement and Should You Buy One? Kerri Nettles Discusses.

What Is The Tiny House Movement and Should You Buy One? Kerri Nettles Discusses.

A generation or two ago, success meant buying a house with four bedrooms, a massive garden, miles of driveway to park your three cars, and a separate walk-in closet for all of your garments. But such lofty expectations are slowly being eroded away. Nowadays, people’s needs and expectations when it comes to owning a house are much different. Less is seen as more, and thanks in part to growing awareness of environmental issues such as overconsumption and overpopulation, many people are scaling back in an effort to reduce their footprint on the planet. One way of doing this is by buying a tiny house.


What exactly is a tiny house? It’s a good question and one that Kerri Nettles, a real estate agent on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, is going to help answer.


The Tiny House Movement

“The tiny house movement is a social force.” Kerri Nettles says. “It’s a manifestation of people’s desire to scale down, make do with less, and be happy with less.” Rather than living in a huge house, accumulating material possessions and creating tons of disused space, tiny houses are extremely space efficient and discourage hoarding.


According to Kerri Nettles, the average tiny house is between 100 and 400 square feet. To put that in perspective, the average American home is generally around 2600 square feet. That means tiny homes are at least one-sixth of the size. Not only does this occupy less space, but it requires less resources to maintain. There is less interior to heat, less exterior to paint, and fewer rusty pipes or broken shingles to replace.


But that’s not the only benefit. Kerri Nettles posits that tiny houses are also extremely mobile given their small stature, and because of this many people choose to build their tiny house directly onto a trailer base. This gives them the freedom to move wherever they please. Resulting in an extremely mobile tiny house community that leverage this freedom and roam the country.


Money Talks

Keri Nettles in group photoConsequently, the reason people are not purchasing tiny homes due to the cost. Rentals can easily cost thousands of dollars per month, while the price of real estate everywhere is consistently skyrocketing. Tiny houses, on the other hand, cost anywhere between $10,000 – $40,000, with very little upkeep.

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