Top Three Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value with Kerri Anne Nettles

Top Three Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value with Kerri Anne Nettles

Kerri Anne Nettles - Home Improvement

Kerri Anne Nettles – Home Improvement

Not All Renovations Are Made Equal, and Kerri Nettles Knows Which Ones Afford you More Bang for your Buck

When selling your home, it’s important to fix and renovate any areas which may have suffered wear and tear over the years’ of living there. This could include old plumbing, weathered tiles, and peeling paint, but it could also mean updating unfashionable wallpaper or fixtures. However, these renovations are often costly endeavors, and if you’re choosing to make them with the goal of adding value to your house then you have to evaluate if the money you’re sinking in will make a healthy investment. But not improvements will add a surplus of value to your property, so it’s important to make informed and specialized decisions with this in mind.<

According to Kerri Nettles, an estate agent with years of experience in the field, the bathroom and kitchen are always a good place to start, since they’re essentially hubs of the home. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most crucial renovations you can make to improve the value of your house today.


Hardwood Flooring

“Carpets have come and gone and are no longer what many buyers are looking for.” Kerri Nettles insists. Hardwood flooring is tough. However easy to manage, and beautiful to look at. Adding hardwood flooring is also a relatively easy way of adding value to your house. This doesn’t mean redoing the entire floor plan of a house. But replacing the floors of choice rooms for an overall better aesthetic.


Replace the Fixtures

keri nettles selfieThis might not be on everyone’s radar, but according to Kerri Nettles replacing fixtures is one of the easiest and overlooked ways of improving a property’s value. Light fixtures, door handles, taps and knobs. These date fairly quickly and can make even a modern space look tarnished and old fashioned. Replacing them is a relatively easy and cheap affair, and will have an immediate impact on a property’s value.


Make it More Green and Energy Efficient

According to Kerri Nettles, the mortgage price alone isn’t the only thing that prospective buyers are looking for. Many people, especially younger couples, are looking for homes that are energy efficient to offset bills in the future. Replace bulbs with LEDs, reseal windows to eliminate drafts. Or install a skylight to let in more natural free light. There are many cheap and easy things you can do to improve your homes look.

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