How to Pick the Best Location for Your Home

How to Pick the Best Location for Your Home

keri nettles wearing glassesThere are many factors that go into the decision of buying a home, and location should definitely be one of them. We go into more depth Kerri Nettles below.

There are many important considerations to make and questions to ask when buying a home. How much does it cost? Will it appreciate or depreciate over time? What will the return on my investment be? How much work does the home need? While all of these are worthwhile considerations, perhaps the most important question you should be asking yourself is: is this the right location? According to Kerri Nettles, a real estate expert, the location a property and the amenities available in the immediate vicinity is absolutely crucial when it comes to deciding whether or not to move in. Below we’ll take at some guidelines to follow when scouting the best possible location for your home.

How close to the center are you?


According to Kerri Nettles, the center is where it’s at.


“The closer you are to the center,” She says. “The higher the value of the property is likely to be.”


The reason for this is because generally city centers are where all the exciting stuff happens – entertainment, business, and pleasure. The center contains the oldest buildings, the biggest companies, and the hottest restaurants. Living there also means you’ll have direct access to all of these without really having the travel far – it also cuts commuting time, which is especially important when you consider how many people travel inwards from surrounding suburbs.


Keri Nettles _ Best Home Locations

Keri Nettles _ Best Home Locations


What are the views like?


“While homes should be practical and functional,” Kerri Nettles says. “They should also take your breath away. If your house has a beautiful view it’s likely to do this.”


A good view will instantly increase the value of your property, so it’s an important asset to keep in mind when purchasing. Sweeping vistas of mountains stretches of beach or even banks upon banks of city lights twinkling in the darkness – all of these add value not just to the house but to the lives of its inhabitants.


Planes, trains, and highways

While being the center is definitely a plus, another big factor when it comes to buying a home is their proximity to major transportation infrastructure. According to Keri Nettles, this will determine how easy it is to get in and out of the area. If you’re someone who travels frequently this is a major factor. It will likely increase the value of your home, too, since being close to major transport routes means an influx of business prospects as well as tourism.

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